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PARD cost reports

Modified: 11/30/2018
These are specific steps to produce your own PS&R report.
Modified: 11/29/2018
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved the following cost report software vendors for the electronic submission of yearly Medicare cost reports.
Modified: 11/19/2018
Prior to accessing CMS Web-based systems, users must register and receive identification and authentication.
Modified: 11/7/2018
Change request (CR) 10611 informs Medicare administrative contractors and providers of the new MCR e-filing (MCRef) system, which is controlled by the EIDM system and available for electronic transmission of cost reports. This article was revised November 6 to reflect revisions to CR 10611, issued October 24 and November 2. The article was revised to extend the Medicare administrative contractor portals to be open until January 2, 2019, instead of July 2, 2018. As a result of the revision to the article, providers that wish to electronically submit their MCR must do so using MCReF on or after January 2, 2019, instead of the original date of July 2, 2018. As a result of the November 2 CR revision, an incorrect web address for new user registration is corrected. In addition, the CR release date, transmittal number, and the web address for CR 10611 are also revised. [MM10611]
Modified: 10/17/2018
This is an optional checklist that will help you ensure all required and any additional documentation is submitted with your Medicare cost report.
Modified: 10/5/2018
This indicates that CMS Form-287 or an alternative reporting format may be used to meet the needs of the individual home office cost reporting.
Modified: 10/2/2018
Here is a synopsis of what to do in case of an extraordinary circumstance over which you have no control.
Modified: 10/2/2018
This is what you need to do to correct material errors, comply with regulations, or reflect a contested liability.
Modified: 10/2/2018
These steps are taken when you fail to file your cost report timely.
Modified: 10/1/2018
This is a list of documents that should be sent in electronic format.
Modified: 10/1/2018
This defines what is required when filing a low or no utilization cost report.
Modified: 9/27/2018
Providers must file a self-extracting electronic cost report from an approved vendor that must pass all level 1 edits.
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