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Last Modified: 8/31/2018 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A

EIDM overview and registration procedure

Providers must register to gain access to the redesigned PS&R (provider statistical and reimbursement) report. Providers must request and receive their PS&R reports from the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) system. Over the last two years, CMS has sent multiple letters and Listserv messages to facilities instructing providers that obtaining the PS&R is the responsibility of the facility. As you have been previously informed, you will now obtain the PS&R reports needed to file your Medicare cost report. The PS&R system is web-based, and allows you to access data specific to your organization at any time. You previously may have received redesigned PS&R reports from us, but they will no longer be provided. It is the responsibility of each of you to obtain your own individual reports.
Prior to accessing the PS&R system, you will need to register for a user ID and password in CMS’ EIDM (enterprise identity management system). EIDM is the CMS identification and authentication system used to access CMS web-based applications. EIDM allows users to obtain one ID and password needed to access multiple web-based systems, one of which is the PS&R system. Please register in EIDM as soon as possible, as EIDM authentication involves a provider verification process that includes the submission of supporting documentation. Failure to complete this registration soon may cause a delay in the ability to access your PS&R.
EIDM operates under a delegated authority model. Therefore, the first person to register for a provider organization is the designated security official. This person is designated by the provider organization to be ultimately responsible for all users in your organization.
The security official will:
Register your organization in EIDM,
Submit all required verification documentation, and
If approved, will then be given the ability to approve other users’ access to the PS&R system.
Please note that the security official can approve users, but cannot access the PS&R application. If you are a chain provider, each provider within the chain will need to register individually. The PS&R does not allow home offices or surrogate groups to access data.
More information regarding the EIDM process can be found at
To register in EIDM, use the following web link: external link. Click “New User Registration” and then select the “Provider/Supplier Community” to begin the registration process.
Once your security official has been approved (notified via email), other users can register for EIDM accounts. Each new user will be approved by your security official. Once the ID and password are received, the user may request, within EIDM, access to the PS&R application. PS&R user guides and web-based training (WBT) are located within the PS&R application.
Note: If your organization and security official have already been approved in EIDM for a different CMS system, you will not need to complete this initial registration process again. However, all subsequent users will still need to register in EIDM and for PS&R.
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