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Last Modified: 11/6/2020 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A, Part B

SPOT End User Instructions

NOTE: Prior to completing these instructions your organization must have a designated approver who has created your organization in EIDM.
Is this the correct role for you? View role descriptions here


Navigation examples

1. Navigate to CMS’ EIDM portal: external link

Select link for New User Registration
NOTE: If you already have an EIDM account, skip to Step 8.

2. Choose Your Application

Choose your application (SPOT) from the dropdown menu.

3. Review the Terms and Conditions

Review the terms and conditions, check the box, and click Next to continue

4. Register Your Information

This portion of the application is based on your personal information.
The information you enter here will be important later in the process for securing your access to SPOT.
Per CMS requirements, enter your:
Full name
Your Social Security number (optional)
Date of birth
Home address
Email address
Primary contact telephone number.
Click the Next button.

5. Create User ID, Password & Security

NOTE: EIDM and SPOT accounts CANNOT be shared. Each individual who needs access must create their own EIDM account and their own SPOT account.
Create a User ID for your EIDM account, which must meet the following parameters:
Required: Be a minimum of six and a maximum of 74 alphanumeric characters
Required: At least one letter
Optional: It may contain any of the following special characters:
Dashes (-)
Underscores (_)
Apostrophes (')
Periods (.) -- followed by alphanumeric characters.
Your User ID may not contain your SSN or any nine consecutive numbers
Create your Password for your EIDM account, which must meet the following parameters:
1. Be changed at least every 60 days.
2. Be a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of 20 characters long.
3. Contain at least one number.
4. Contain at least one lower case letter.
5. Contain at least one upper case letter.
6. Contain at least one special character.
7. Be different from the previous six (6) passwords.
8. Not contain the User ID.
9. Not contain any words consisting of three (3) letters or more (ex. 12Cat34@).
10. Not contain any commonly used words.(ex. Password1234).
11. Not contain any digits in year format (ex. 2017).
12. Not contain the following special characters: ? < > ( ) ‘ “ / \ &.
Note: Passwords may only be changed once per day.
Confirm New Password
Complete the Select Your Security Questions and Answers section, which may be used to verify your identity
Click the Next button.

6. Review Registration Summary

Review your information and make changes before submitting.
Click Submit User

7. Confirmation Message

The confirmation message will appear.
In the message, click ‘here’ to return to the homepage and log in. Note: Please wait at least five minutes for your account to be configured before logging in.

8. Login

Log into EIDM external link with the User ID and password created.

9. My Portal

Once you’ve logged in, click ‘Request/Add Apps

10. Locate ‘SPOT’ with the ‘Access Catalog’ page.

Type SPOT in the ‘Start typing to filter apps’ field

11. Click the ‘Request Access’ button at the bottom of the SPOT’s catalog entry.

12. Request New Application Access page

Review the ‘Application Description’ entry and make sure it reads ‘SPOT-First Coast Service Options internet portal (FCSO)’
Click on the drop-down menu next to ‘Select a Role.’ Select ‘FCSO – SPOT End User.’ Note: Do not select any other role.
Note: If you select the incorrect role (i.e., FCSO Help Desk User), your application will be denied, and you will need to begin the registration process from Step 1.

13. Review Identify Verification information

The next steps will involve verifying the information you entered earlier through information databases. NOTE: If you are NOT asked to verify your identity, skip to Step 20
This process is known as Remote Identity Proofing (RIDP)external pdf file.
If you have established accounts through other EIDM hosted applications such as Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PS&R) and PQRS, then you will not have to repeat RIDP.
Click ‘Next’

14. Review information about ‘Terms and Conditions

The Experian identity verification service is used by CMS to confirm your identity when you need to access a protected CMS Application.
If you have not previously been through CMS Enterprise Portal’s required identity verification, you may be prompted for RIDP when requesting access to SPOT.
You will be asked to provide a set of core credentials, which includes full name, current address, residential phone number, and Social Security number.
The Experian identity verification service will use your core credentials to locate your personal information in the Experian database and generate a set of questions.
Check ‘Terms and Conditions’ box to proceed.

15. Enter ‘Your Information’ in each of the blank spaces.

Full legal name
Social Security number
Date of birth
Current residential address
Personal phone number
You must use your full legal name. Refer to your driver’s license or financial account information.
Your surname and other information, such as date of birth, must match the information Experian has for you on file.
Do not use nicknames.
If you have a two-part name, enter the second part in the middle name field. (i.e., Mary Beth would have Mary in the first name field and Beth in the middle name field)
Enter your current residential address:
Address where you receive financial statements including credit cards and/or utilities
Address you most consistently use for billing purposes
Address associated with your credit report
If you have a recent change in address, you can try to ID proof with a prior address.
Click ‘Next’

16. Complete the ‘Verify Information’ questions.

Click on the radio button next to each correct answer
Click ‘Next’

17. If your information is verified…

Congratulations, you have completed the RIDP process.
Click Next and proceed to Step 20

18. If your information cannot be verified…

In the event your information cannot be verified through RIDP, you will be asked to contact Experian Verification Support Services.
You may return to this application once you have resolved the issue with the Experian database.

19. Contacting Experian

When you contact Experian Verification Support Services, please keep your ‘Review Reference Number’ close at hand. If Experian is able to resolve the information, return to Step 8 in this process by logging into your EIDM account and begin the process of requesting access to SPOT.
When you arrive at Step 15 again, the ‘Your Information’ box will include a checkbox to confirm that you have contacted Experian and they have resolved the issue with your individual information.
Once you enter your information, the CMS EIDM system will verify your contact with Experian.
If Experian successfully verified your identity, you will be able to complete your request for SPOT.
If Experian is unable to verify your identity, contact the SPOT help desk and request to be manually verified.

20. Find Your Organization

On the screen, type in the Legal Business Name of your organization and select the State/Territory. Then, click the Search button. Find your organization in the drop-down menu.
NOTE: If your organization is not found, it has not been created by an approver yet. Your organization must have a designated approver who has created your organization in EIDM. Please consult with your organization’s designated official.
Add your Reason for Request, which can be something like “access to Medicare data.”
Click Next, review your information, and click Submit

21. Request Submitted

The final screen will confirm that your EIDM request has been submitted. You will receive an email confirmation once your request has approved by your approver.
NOTE: If you need to add an additional role and access another organization, please follow these instructions.
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