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Thank you for visiting First Coast Service Options' Medicare provider website. This website is intended exclusively for Medicare providers and health care industry professionals to find the latest Medicare news and information affecting the provider community.
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This website provides information and news about the Medicare program for health care professionals only. All communication and issues regarding your Medicare benefits are handled directly by Medicare and not through this website. Information for Medicare beneficiaries is only available on the website.
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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Submit claims electronically – get started here
EDI Gateway Mailbox
To protect data, you are required to change your password every 60 days. Use this form to change the password to your mailbox on the EDI Gateway system.
If your transmissions are unsuccessful, your mailbox password may have expired. Use this form to check the expiration date of your current password.
Learn about the EDI Gateway and how it manages the exchange of electronic transactions with First Coast Service Options
EDI contact information
Find phone numbers and addresses for EDI-related inquiries.
Reload requests
Providers can now submit reload remittance advices and claim file acknowledgements on the provider website. Once the request is processed, the information will be sent directly to your EDI gateway mailbox.
Modified: 2/20/2018
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released change request (CR) 10489, which updates the remittance advice remark code (RARC) and claim adjustment reason code (CARC) lists. CR 10489 also calls for an update to Medicare Remit Easy Print (MREP) and PC Print software. If you use MREP or PC Print software, be sure to obtain the latest version that is released on or before July 2, 2018. [MM10489]
Use this lookup application to find easy-to-read descriptions of the error codes produced on your HIPAA 5010 277CA – Claim Acknowledgement.
Learn the basics about the electronic services available from First Coast Service Options Inc. (First Coast) including claims submission, remittance, status, and basic patient eligibility information.
Learn how to use DDE to electronically key and send UB-04 claims; correct, adjust and cancel claims; inquire about patient eligibility; access the revenue code, HCPCS code, and ICD-9 code inquiry tables; and more.
Find the EDI forms you need to begin electronic submissions of claims as well as an electronic data request form to apply for or revise existing information pertaining to the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and/or Electronic Claim Status (ECS) transactions.
Find out how to download and utilize the free ABILITY | PC-ACE™ software program to submit your claims electronically.
Download the latest version and find up-to-date information about PC-Print. This free software will enable you to view and print Part A electronic remittance advice information (including special reports) in a similar format to Standard Paper Remittances (SPRs).
Find comprehensive listings of claim adjustment reason codes (CARCs) and remittance advice remark codes (RARCs) and learn helpful tips about understanding remittance advice.
Find links to additional EDI resources and information on the CMS websites.
First Coast Service Options (First Coast) strives to ensure that the information available on our provider website is accurate, detailed, and current. Therefore, this is a dynamic site and its content changes daily. It is best to access the site to ensure you have the most current information rather than printing articles or forms that may become obsolete without notice.
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