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Thank you for visiting First Coast Service Options' Medicare provider website. This website is intended exclusively for Medicare providers and health care industry professionals to find the latest Medicare news and information affecting the provider community.
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This website provides information and news about the Medicare program for health care professionals only. All communication and issues regarding your Medicare benefits are handled directly by Medicare and not through this website. For the most comprehensive experience, we encourage you to visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE. In the event your provider fails to submit your Medicare claim, please view these resources for claim assistance.
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Publication Year: 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997
Modified: 12/30/1998
Because of the many changes to the HCPCS coding structure, we strongly encourage providers to purchase the 1999 CPT Level I book and/or the 1999 HCPCS Level II coding book.
Modified: 12/10/1998
Prior to enactment to the BBA of 1997, Medicare benefits were secondary to benefits payable under a GHP in certain cases.
Modified: 12/8/1998
The National Uniform Billing Committee has revised the UB-92, Form Locator 22, Patient Status, to modify the structure of four...
Modified: 12/7/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to publish the final Local Medical Review Policies (LMRPs): A53850, A64573, A70450, A70541, A70551, A76092, A78460, A82784, A83970...
Modified: 11/10/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to communicate, to Medicare Part A customers, a comprehensive list of information.
Modified: 11/2/1998
This edition contains the 1999 ICD-9-CM changes that will affect final LMRPs.
Modified: 9/29/1998
Please remember to promote influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations, both Medicare Part B covered preventive health care benefits.
Modified: 9/18/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to publish final LMRPs AA4644, AG0030, AJ9999, A71020, A84484, A95900, A97003, A97010, A97110.
Modified: 8/24/1998
It is our desire to improve the intermediary and provider communication process by publishing a bulletin on the top questions and...
Modified: 8/18/1998
This edition includes final local medical review policies (LMRPs) A52282, A99183, ARSFNFR and AJ3490.
Modified: 7/29/1998
ESRD Medicare Bulletin E-34, dated March 31,1998, notified providers of instructions from the HCFA regarding processing and...
Modified: 7/28/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to communicate, to all Medicare participating providers, the HCFA’s revised billing requirements for...
Modified: 7/22/1998
Section 4106 of the BBA of 1997 standardizes Medicare coverage of medically necessary bone mass measurements by providing for uniform coverage under Medicare Part B.
Modified: 6/23/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to change information shared with the SNF provider community via SNF Medicare Bulletin S-19, dated 06/12/98, which addressed consolidated billing for SNFs.
Modified: 6/17/1998
This bulletin advises providers and suppliers of the decision that HCFA has made regarding implementation of this interlocutory order.
Modified: 6/16/1998
Attention Part A providers, you can now obtain important reports, relating specifically to your facility, electronically via the Medicare B-Line BBS.
Modified: 6/12/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to formally publish instructions to SNFs on the changes associated with consolidated billing.
Modified: 5/28/1998
As of January 1, 1998, the automated profile codes 80002-80019 and G0058-G0060 are no longer reportable procedure/HCPCS codes.
Modified: 5/19/1998
PET is a quantitve imaging technology that permits non-invasive measurements of regional tracer tissue concentrations in myocardial tissue, following administration of a radiotracer.
Modified: 5/15/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to publish Provider requirements for collection of insurance information and responding to first claim development letters sent from the Intermediary.
Modified: 5/13/1998
Effective immediately, all providers that submit claims electronically to Medicare must complete the EDI Enrollment Form as mandated by the HCFA.
Modified: 5/11/1998
Attached is a letter to inform the Medicare providers about national health data standards that will affect them.
Modified: 4/29/1998
This edition includes the temporary codes for screening pap smears that are performed using the automated thin layer preparation method.
Modified: 4/27/1998
The PC-ACE product for Medicare Part A will produce the HCFA 1450 (UB92) Version 5.0 format in order to achieve millennium compliance.
Modified: 3/31/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to formerly publish the changes to the HCFA regulations regarding Oral Anti-Nausea Drugs.
Modified: 2/18/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to publish final LMRPs A77750, A82105, A86812, A87536, A94799, A97110, A99183 & AJ0585.
Modified: 1/23/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to publish final LMRPs A51784, A76092, A82728, A86430, A95857& A95860; and Revised Final LMRPs...
Modified: 1/16/1998
The Medicare Part A outpatient fee schedules for clinical laboratory, orthotics/prosthetics, surgical dressings, outpatient radiology, and other diagnostic services are provided via this bulletin.
Modified: 1/15/1998
The purpose of this bulletin is to share with providers the draft regulation changes that the HCFA has published with regards to screening mammography services.
Modified: 1/9/1998
Section 4102 of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 amends 1861 of the Social Security Act to include coverage every three years for a screening Pap smear.
First Coast Service Options (First Coast) strives to ensure that the information available on our provider website is accurate, detailed, and current. Therefore, this is a dynamic site and its content changes daily. It is best to access the site to ensure you have the most current information rather than printing articles or forms that may become obsolete without notice.