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This website provides information and news about the Medicare program for health care professionals only. All communication and issues regarding your Medicare benefits are handled directly by Medicare and not through this website. For the most comprehensive experience, we encourage you to visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE. In the event your provider fails to submit your Medicare claim, please view these resources for claim assistance.
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Preventive Resources

Modified: 7/22/2022
First Coast has created a new standard roster billing form for COVID-19 vaccinations and monoclonal antibody infusion. This article provides information for billing the vaccine, infusion, and administration codes.
Modified: 6/27/2022
National HIV Testing Day is a day to encourage people to get tested for HIV, know their status, and get linked to care and treatment. Medicare covers HIV testing annually.
Modified: 6/23/2022
During Men’s Health Week, encourage your male patients to make their health a priority. Medicare covers several preventive services for eligible men. This article provides information on coverage of these important preventive services.
Modified: 4/14/2022
Roster billing enables Medicare beneficiaries to participate in mass immunization programs offered by various entities that give vaccines to a group of beneficiaries. Learn more about this simplified process.
Modified: 4/14/2022
First Coast has created new standard roster billing forms for COVID-19, monoclonal antibodies, flu and pneumococcal services. These new forms are effective for roster billing claims received on and after October 12, 2020. Learn more about our new Part B forms.
Modified: 12/13/2021
Medicare recently began covering pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 15 valent (PCV15) (CPT code 90671) effective July 16. Part A MACs will hold any claims for these services until additional guidance is received.
Modified: 12/6/2021
Medicare recently began covering pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 20 valent (PCV20) (HCPCS code 90677) effective July1. Part B MACs will reprocess any claims for services previously denied prior to October 1.
Modified: 11/29/2021
Medicare began covering pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 20 valent on October 1. CMS suggests submitting separate claims for this vaccine (CPT code 90677). This article provides claims processing instructions.
Modified: 11/29/2021
Medicare began covering pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 20 valent on October 1. CMS suggests submitting separate claims for this vaccine (CPT code 90677).
Modified: 10/1/2021
Reducing the spread of the flu this fall and winter is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Medicare Part B covers one flu shot, per flu season and additional flu shots if needed. Your patients pay nothing if you accept assignment.
Modified: 9/30/2021
Several services submitted to First Coast for screening for cervical cancer with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) testing are being reported incorrectly. A billing and coding article (A58232) has been developed to provide guidance for these services. This new billing and coding article is consistent with National Coverage Determination (NCD) 210.2.1.
First Coast Service Options (First Coast) strives to ensure that the information available on our provider website is accurate, detailed, and current. Therefore, this is a dynamic site and its content changes daily. It is best to access the site to ensure you have the most current information rather than printing articles or forms that may become obsolete without notice.