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Last Modified: 9/16/2022 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A, Part B

Information to know when submitting provider enrollment applications

The provider enrollment process can vary based on unique provider situations or scenarios. Based on questions from our providers, we developed this article to address the most common situations you may encounter and what you can do.

Contact person

Situation from provider: When an application is sent through PECOS, the letter is not going to the contact person we listed on the application. The letter went to a contact person listed on a previous application for the provider.
Explanation: A contact person is designated during an application submission and remains on file for the provider, unless removed through the application process.
What you can do: Regularly check the status of your application. This will allow you to be aware of any letters issued for the enrollment record. You can check your application status online. If a letter has been issued and your contact person did not receive it, please contact provider enrollment at 1-888-845-8614.

Conflicting application status

Situation from provider: We received a letter that the application was rejected; however, when we call customer service, they advise the application is processing or has been approved.
Explanation: There are situations where an application comes in through PECOS with specific designations for the type of application. To continue processing the application, we must reject the PECOS portion of the application because of that designation and create a new record in our tracking system with the correct designation. This causes an automatic email to go out advising the application has been rejected. In these situations, our provider enrollment analyst should be reaching out to the contact person to advise of the situation and reason for the rejection email.
What you can do: Ask your designated contact person if they received a call from the provider enrollment analyst about the rejection and recreation of the enrollment record. If the contact person did not receive a call, access the check your application status tool to determine if other applications are still currently processing or have processed for the provider. If you need further clarification to ensure the application is processing, please contact provider enrollment at 1-888-845-8614.

Unable to delete a PECOS application

Situation from provider: I logged into PECOS to complete an application on behalf of a provider. PECOS shows another application started over a year ago, but the provider confirms the pending application is not needed. I attempted to delete that application, but PECOS will not let me delete it. I cannot start the new application because PECOS will not allow me to delete the pending application.
Explanation: Applications may become “frozen” in PECOS. This usually happens for applications that are started but never completed and submitted. It is a random system glitch that causes this to happen.
What you can do: Please contact provider enrollment at 1-888-845-8614 and let us know there is an application in PECOS that is “frozen,” and you are unable to delete it. Our provider enrollment analyst will be able to take the information to have the application deleted for you.

Primary locations

Situation from provider: We have designated a primary location on our enrollment applications; however, we have seen situations where the designated primary location is not displayed or used as the primary location. For example, when the Medicare claim crosses over to the secondary insurance, the secondary is not issuing payments to the primary location. Can we designate a primary location to be used?
Explanation: For Part B claims, the primary location is not a locked field and can change when any update occurs to the enrollment file. The primary location cannot be hard set or locked in the system as the primary.
What you can do: At this time, there is not a way to lock in an address as a primary location. This is a known issue and will be addressed in future enhancements or releases for PECOS.
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