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Last Modified: 10/1/2022 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A, Part B

User guide - Finding LCDs, NCDs, and related coverage information

First Coast workload numbers

MAC-Part A:
Florida: 09101
Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands: 09201
MAC-Part B:
Florida: 09102
Puerto Rico: 09202
U.S. Virgin Islands: 09302

First Coast LCD search tools

The LCD search tools offer a fast, direct way for providers to search for LCDs. Using the LCD interactive index, providers may search by LCD ID, keyword (title only), Article #s, or CPT/HCPCS code to find LCDs instantly.

View active, proposed, retired LCDs

Related screenshots
The LCD search options are available directly from the homepage, or the left navigation menu on
To navigate, hover over LCDs/Medical Affairs > Search LCDs and select the LCD index you wish to view: Active / Future Effective, Proposed, or Retired.
  Navigation to LCD index
Select Active / Future Effective LCDs to easily locate all current LCDs.
The index automatically displays all active and future effective LCDs in table format.
Providers may search within the table by:
Article #
Response to comments article #
CPT/HCPCS code (not available on proposed)
The table defaults to show all records. Limit the results per page by clicking the drop-down selector next to the number of rows displayed at the bottom of the table.
  Active LCDs
To search within the index, enter in the criteria in the search bar.
All related LCDs will display.
Note: The Interactive LCD looks for a direct match of what is in the results table; multiple keyword searches are not available. Use the advanced LCD search for additional options.
  LCD search
Easily change the display to proposed, or retired LCDs, by clicking the icons at the top of the of page.
  Change display
Located on the top right of the Interactive LCD index, are three resources:
1. Help using this tool
1. Tips for locating LCDs (which you are currently viewing)
2. LCD update history.
  Helpful resources
Help using this tool
This page provides details about the index and resources.
Also featured, are additional ways to locate and view data.
  Help using this tool
Advanced LCD search
Accessible from the Interactive LCD index is the advanced LCD search of the Medicare Coverage Database. This search which will streamline your results to First Coast’s LCDs and articles offering additional search options, including multiple keywords and ICD-10.
MCD search
Sitewide search
Our on-site search in the header offers an advanced search option. Simply enter multiple keywords or ICD-10 codes in the sitewide search bar, select the ‘LCDs only’ filter from the drop-down, and click the Search button.
  LCD only search
LCD Update History
This page provides a list of billing and coding article updates.
  LCD update history

LCD and NCD search – using the Medicare coverage database (MCD)

Related Screenshots
From the Help using this tool button referenced above, click ‘View First Coast's active and proposed LCDs and articlesexternal link to be directed to a filtered search within CMS’ MCD.
  MCD filtered search
Using the "Keyword or doc ID" field, search for procedure codes, diagnoses, specific words, or phrases. You may also use the available drop-down menus to limit results further.
This example displays the results when entering in ‘Bone’ into the keyword search box and selecting ‘All words’ in the corresponding drop-down menu.
Please note that related articles (Billing and coding, Response to comment), LCDs and NCDs are also linked in the "Associated documents" section at the bottom of each LCD and article so you can easily get to the companion documents.
  Keyword or doc ID search
Prior to the policy display, users are directed to a license agreement.
Click the ‘I Accept’ button to proceed.
Click directly on the linked ID in the results column to display the policy or article.

CMS Medical coverage database (MCD)

Learn how to view all LCDs, NCDs, and related articles by utilizing MCD available on the CMS website.

Related Screenshots
You may search the MCD on external link using the CPT/HCPCS code, document ID (such as the LCD ID), procedure code, or keywords.
  MCD search
To limit search results to First Coast specific LCDs first select your location (Florida, Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Islands) in the State drop-down.
As you enter your search term, a hint list will display a few potential matches you can select from.
  Hint list
When narrowing by state and selecting an option from the hint list as indicated above, users are directed to the applicable policy.
Prior to the policy display, users are directed to a license agreement.
Click the ‘I Accept’ button to proceed.
  MCD License Agreement
This example displays the results when searching with the following criteria:
Filtered the States drop-down to Florida
Keyword search using the term ‘Scan’
Clicked on L33667 from the hint list
The LCD L33667 for Florida is presented after accepting the License Agreement.
  L33667 result
First Coast Service Options (First Coast) strives to ensure that the information available on our provider website is accurate, detailed, and current. Therefore, this is a dynamic site and its content changes daily. It is best to access the site to ensure you have the most current information rather than printing articles or forms that may become obsolete without notice.