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Last Modified: 5/16/2020 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A

Avoiding RTP reason code 32400 to 32404 FAQ

Q: What steps can I take to avoid return to provider (RTP) reason code(s) 32400-32404?
Click here for descriptions associated with Medicare Part A reason codes. Enter a valid reason code into the box and click the submit button.
A: Prior to submitting your claim, verify the revenue code(s) and/or health care procedure coding system (HCPCS) or Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code combination is correct, complete, and/or valid (as applicable).
The following reason codes are frequently associated with this edit:
32400 – HCPCS/CPT® code is missing
32401 – HCPCS/CPT® code is invalid
32402 – HCPCS/CPT® code and revenue code combination is invalid
32403 – HCPCS/CPT® code is invalid for date(s) of service (DOS)
32404 – HCPCS/CPT® code is invalid
Additional resources:
Refer to our coding website page for additional guidance on procedure codes.
Refer to the Medicare Billing: 837I and form CMS-1450 fact sheet for claim submission guidelines, coding, claim accuracy, and other resources.

Direct data entry (DDE)

Learn how to research detailed claim information and coding requirements through DDE, by clicking on the following:
Refer to the Medicare Part A direct data entry (DDE) training manual pdf file for all field descriptors and additional guidance.
Claim summary inquiry (12)
Review detailed claim information, to identify line item(s) that resulted in the claim error.
Open the claim and go to claim page 02 (MAP171)
Press the ‘F2’ key and review the line item details (MAP171D)
Review each line that failed with line item reason codes 32400-32404
DDE - Claim summary inquiry (12) screen, with the line item detailed information (MAP171D)
Revenue codes (13)
Utilize the revenue code inquiry screen when you need to determine:
Effective and termination dates (if applicable)
Allowable type of bills (TOB)
If a HCPCS code is required
If a unit is required
If a rate is required
DDE - Revenue code (13) inquiry screen
HCPC inquiry (14)
Utilize the HCPCS inquiry screen when you need to determine:
Effective and termination dates (if applicable)
Allowable revenue codes
Note: When the allowable revenue codes field is blank, the system allows any revenue code for the keyed HCPCS.
DDE - HCPC Inquiry (14) screen
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