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Register for SPOT FAQ

Q. How do I establish an account on the Secure Provider Online Tool (SPOT)?
A. To obtain a SPOT account, you will need to complete a two-part registration process.
Part I – You must create an account within the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) portal system. EIDM is the system which hosts web-based applications for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Note: EIDM accounts may not be shared.
Part II – Once your EIDM account is active, you may request access to SPOT.
The instructions below will guide you through Part I of the registration process (creating an EIDM account). If you already have an EIDM account, continue to the Part II instructions to request access to SPOT.
Note: If you had an active Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS) account for SPOT, your IACS/SPOT User ID and Password will be the same in the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) portal system.

Part I – Create your EIDM account (EIDM is the system that hosts SPOT)

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1. Navigate to CMS’ EIDM portal: external link.
Select link for New User Registration.
2. Choose Your Application
your application from the drop-down menu and select the I agree to the terms and conditions checkbox. Then, click Next.
3. The Register Your Information section of the EIDM account application will appear.
portion of the application is based on the user’s personal information, not the provider.
Note: Provider information will be added during Part II of the registration process.
CMS requirements, enter your:
Full name
Email address
Social Security number (optional)
Date of birth
Home address
Primary contact telephone number.
Click the Next button.
4. The Create User ID, Password & Security page will appear.
a User ID, for your EIDM account, which must meet the following parameters:
Required: Be a minimum of six and a maximum of 74 alphanumeric characters
Required: At least one letter
Optional: It may contain any of the following special characters:
Dashes (-)
Underscores (_)
Apostrophes (')
Periods (.) -- followed by alphanumeric characters.
Your User ID may not contain your SSN or any nine consecutive numbers
Create your Password for your EIDM account, which must meet the following parameters:
1. Be changed at least every 60 days.
2. Be a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of 20 characters long.
3. Contain at least one number.
4. Contain at least one lower case letter.
5. Contain at least one upper case letter.
6. Contain at least one special character.
7. Be different from the previous six (6) passwords.
8. Not contain the User ID.
9. Not contain any words consisting of three (3) letters or more (ex. 12Cat34@).
10. Not contain any commonly used words.(ex. Password1234).
11. Not contain any digits in year format (ex. 2017).
12. Not contain the following special characters: ? < > ( ) ‘ “ / \ &.
Note: Passwords may only be changed once per day.
Confirm New Password
Complete the Select Your Challenge Questions and Answers section, which may be used to verify your identity
the Next button.
5. The Registration Summary page will appear
your information and click Submit User
6. The Confirmation message will appear.
your EIDM account has been created, you must wait at least five minutes before logging in and beginning the process for requesting access to SPOT
7. After you have created an EIDM account, you must continue to Part II of the registration process to request access to SPOT.
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