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Please take your time answering remote identity verification (RIDP) questions from Experian. Incorrect answers will only delay your access to SPOT. Experian considers RIDP inquiries as “soft inquiries” that do not impact your credit report positively or negatively.

Remote identity proofing (RIDP) FAQ

Q: What is Remote Identity Proofing (RIDP)?
A: RIDP is the process of validating sufficient information about you (e.g., demographic information, and other indicators) to uniquely identify you as the individual who seeks to establish an Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) account with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for accessing SPOT.
RIDP is a required service for all prospective account holders seeking access to SPOT, First Coast Service Options' Inc. secure provider online tool. Only those account applicants who have not previously completed the RIDP process with CMS will have to submit their information for verification.
You may have already encountered RIDP through interactions with banks, credit reporting agencies, and shipping companies. The Experian identity verification service is used by CMS to confirm your identity when you need to access a protected CMS Application.
When you log in to the CMS Enterprise Portal external link and request access to SPOT, you will be prompted to RIDP if you have not been previously identity proofed to the level of assurance required by the CMS Enterprise Portal. You will be asked to provide a set of core credentials, which include:
Full legal name
Social Security number
Date of birth
Current residential address
Personal phone number
Most applicants are able to complete the ID proofing process in five minutes or less. If you encounter problems with RIDP, you will be asked to contact Experian Support Services via phone to resolve any issues.
Q. What happens to the data submitted for identity proofing?
The CMS Enterprise Portal collects your personal information, described as data that is unique to you as an individual, such as name, address, telephone number, Social Security number, and date of birth. The CMS Enterprise Portal uses this personal information only to verify your identity. Your information will be sent to Experian, an external identity verification provider, to help us confirm your identity. If collected, we will validate your Social Security Number with Experian only for the purpose of verifying your identity.
Experian verifies the information you give us against their records and may present you with questions based on your credit profile. The questions and answers are strictly between you and the RIDP service Experian.
Neither First Coast, nor the CMS Enterprise Portal will store the information you submit through RIDP. Experian is required by law to securely maintain this data for seven years. For more information regarding how CMS uses the information you provide, please read the CMS Privacy Act Statement at: external link.
Q. Will RIDP affect my credit?
No, this type of inquiry does not affect your credit score. You will not incur any charges related to this inquiry. When you identity proof, Experian creates something called a soft inquiry. Soft inquiries are visible only to you, the consumer, and no one else. Soft inquiries have no impact on your credit report, history, or score other than being recorded and maintained for 23 months.
Q. What happens if my identity cannot be verified during the online RIDP process?
If Experian cannot identity proof you online, you will be asked to contact either the Experian Verification Support Services Help Desk or the SPOT Help Desk, depending on the reason you failed RIDP. The system will provide you with contact information and a reference number to track your case.
The Experian Help Desk cannot assist you if you do not have the reference number. If you are asked to contact the SPOT Help Desk, you will be given a response code to help the SPOT Help Desk perform the manual identity proofing process with you.
Q. What happens if my identity cannot be verified during the Experian phone proofing RIDP process?
If you contact the Experian Verification Support Services Help Desk and your identity cannot be verified, you will be referred to the SPOT Help Desk to complete the manual identity proofing process.
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