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Last Modified: 12/10/2017 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A, Part B


“The SPOT is the way to go. No more filling out forms and then having to fax or mail them in. I have used SPOT to get several claims reopened.”

-Kristin Gunn,
South Florida Revenue Cycle Specialists, LLC
Kristin Gunn

South Florida Revenue Cycle Specialists

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First Coast’s web tools give denied claims the boot

Kristin Gunn is an experienced veteran in managing Medicare billing having done so for more than 27 years. With that extensive experience, Gunn says "SPOT is the greatest thing ever."
The Secure Provider Online Tool (SPOT) is First Coast Service Options’ free online portal for medical providers to handle multiple aspects of Medicare billing. The tool allows providers to check Medicare beneficiary eligibility and claim status. Providers also can reopen claims where clerical errors can be corrected as well as submit supporting documentation for claim redeterminations.
After 27 years of working for larger medical billing companies, Gunn started her own business in January 2015, the South Florida Revenue Cycle Specialists, LLC. She currently manages the billing for three physician practices. She says SPOT will put her in a good position to grow her business.
“The SPOT is the way to go. No more filling out forms and then having to fax or mail them in. I have used SPOT to get several claims re-opened. I cannot believe how easy it is. By using SPOT we also received those payments quicker than if we had faxed or mailed the request,” Gunn said.
Recently she used SPOT to quickly handle an overpayment request involving a Medicare beneficiary who was reported deceased. “SPOT made it so easy to resolve the issue. We checked the physician’s records to see if we billed an incorrect patient number among other things. Then I checked the eligibility tab on SPOT, checked the date of death and compared the date of service. I made a screen print from SPOT and sent it through the secure mail. “You hit ‘send’. Boom. There it goes. No visits to the post office.”
Gunn uses three SPOT tools primarily. She says she is particularly fond of the claim status window. "The claim status check is my favorite thing on SPOT. I go in with the ICN number. I can do a reopening if I need to make a change to a modifier or other field. I don't have to dial the phone to reopen the claim." With SPOT, Part B providers may change a date of service, diagnosis code, procedure code, modifier, or units billed through a clerical reopening of a claim.
Before starting her own business, Gunn worked for a large medical billing company that used other software products to handle Medicare claims. When one billing company merged with her employer, she decided to become her own boss. “I knew about SPOT, but had not used it until I started on my own business.”
Gunn says she has signed up for several of the online learning classes to gain continuing education credits. She also plans to use First Coast’s learning center to brush up on many of the features available through SPOT.
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