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Last Modified: 9/14/2021 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A

IDM go-live guidance for providers using PS&R and MCReF

On January 15, CMS' current Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) system, which runs the PS&R ( and MCReF ( systems, will transition to CMS' Identity Management (IDM) system. This change will have an impact on all users of these systems. Your account will be automatically converted from EIDM to IDM, so you will continue to use the same username and password that you currently use in EIDM.

New profile management website

While you’ll continue to use the same URLs as before to access PS&R and MCReF, the URL to perform account maintenance, such as adding or removing roles or updating your password, will be external link (replacing external link). You’ll be able to use this site beginning on January 11, 2021 to confirm your credentials are working, as well as configure your security questions and Multi-Factor Authentication (if you have opted into that, more on that below.) The site already exists, and you should already be able to login to it. Between now and the switchover during the weekend of January 15th, you can access this site to confirm that your credentials are working, but you will not be able to add new roles or make other updates to your profile until the switchover is complete. If you need to make any profile changes, continue to do so via the EIDM site external link through Friday, January 15th.

Security questions

One of your existing EIDM security questions (selected randomly) will be converted from EIDM to IDM. It is recommended that, before go-live, you confirm your security questions and answers in EIDM so that, if needed, you will be able to use whichever one is selected by IDM. You will also be able to use the external link site to select a new security question and answer. (Some of the available security questions will be different from the ones available in EIDM.)

Multi-Factor Authentication

If you have opted into Multi-Factor Authentication in EIDM, for your first time logging into IDM you will only be able to get an MFA token sent to your e-mail address. After your first successful login, you will be able to use the My Profile screen to configure one or more of the following additional MFA options:
SMS/Text Message
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)/Phone
Okta Verify (a mobile application, available on iOS and Android)
Google Authenticator (a mobile application, available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry OS)

Key takeaways

This is just for PS&R and MCReF
Systems under EIDM are making the transition to IDM on different dates. If any users have systems other than PS&R or MCReF that they access using their EIDM account, they should be aware that they may be transitioning at a later point and should look to those other system’s maintainers for any similar guidance. For any user that has systems active in both EIDM and IDM at the same time, their accounts will continue to work on both, and items like password changes will continue to “sync” across both accounts, but any profile management changes (like adding new user roles in IDM) will not be reflected on their EIDM account. As long as users manage changes to each application in the respective EIDM/IDM site, everything should work as expected.
New Look and Feel, Same Account:
Your user ID, password, and URLs for accessing PS&R and MCReF are all the same and not changing. The EUS (External User Services) helpdesk for resolving account issues is the same ( The biggest changes are what the login page looks like, and the system you will use for updating and managing your account going forward ( external link).
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