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Last Modified: 5/3/2020 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A, Part B

Multifactor authentication and SPOT registration FAQ

Helpful tips

1. Register more than one MFA device to ensure your access to SPOT goes uninterrupted.
2. If you already use an MFA passcode to access other EIDM applications, you do not need to register another for SPOT.
3. Don’t share accounts. MFA devices and the access codes produced by them may not be shared.
4. Work with your information technology providers to find the best solution for you.
5. Review these frequently-asked questions regarding MFA.
Q: How do I register my MFA (multifactor authentication) device to access the Secure Provider Online Tool (SPOT)?
A: Follow these steps to register an MFA device.
MFA registration begins with your Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) portal system profile. EIDM is a system that hosts SPOT and other web-based applications for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). You may recall that you created an EIDM account when you created your SPOT account.
Reminder: EIDM accounts may not be shared. Each MFA device must be used for the SPOT account for which it’s registered.

Related screenshots

1. Navigate to CMS’ EIDM portal: external link.

If you are not able to recall your SPOT user ID or password click on the Forgot ‘User ID’ or ‘Password’ link below the ‘Login’ button.
You will be asked a series of questions based on the information you provided when you opened your SPOT account. Once you have completed the questions, your user ID will be emailed to you.

2. Click on the drop-down menu next to your user name at the top right corner of the page.

Select the ‘My Profile’ link in the drop-down menu.
My portal

3. Select ‘Register Your Phone, Computer or Email’ from the left menu bar.


4. Choose the MFA device type you would like to register.

If you wish to register the Symantec’s VIP software application external link for mobile device external link (Tablet/PC/laptop. Please download and install it before proceeding with registration.
You will need to register the ‘Credential ID’ in order to use this system to receive your MFA passcode.
Each MFA device must be used for the SPOT account for which it’s registered. Passcodes generated from unlinked MFA devices will not work.

5. Register your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

If you choose to download the Symantec VIP software to a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop, you will select the ‘Credential ID’ as shown on the right and enter it in the ‘Credential ID’ field.
In the ‘MFA Device Description’ field, please give your device a nickname such as Bob’s VIP Access.
The Symantec VIP software application will only work on the computer in which it is installed.
If you work from multiple workstations, the Symantec mobile app downloaded to your smartphone may be a better option for account holders working from multiple locations.
First Coast strongly recommends that you register multiple devices to ensure your access to SPOT.
Then click the ‘Submit’ button.

6. Registering your landline or mobile phone for a voice call (Interactive Voice Response to receive your MFA passcode.

If you choose to receive your MFA passcode through voice message, fill in your phone number, including the area code and extension, if applicable. Please give your device a nickname such as ‘Bob’s Landline.’
Then click the ‘Submit’ button.

7. Registering your mobile phone to receive your MFA passcode via text message (SMS).

If you choose to receive your MFA passcode through text message (SMS), fill in your phone number, including the area code. Please give your device a nickname such as ‘Bob’s cell phone.’
Then click the ‘Submit’ button

8. Registering an email address to receive your MFA passcode.

If you choose to receive your MFA passcode through email message, your email address will pre-populate in the space allowed. Please give your device a nickname such as ‘Bob’s email address.’
Then click the ‘Submit’ button

9. Confirmation

After you click ‘Next’ on the MFA device you registered, you will be taken to a confirmation page with a message that says “You have successfully registered your option to your user profile.
You will also receive an email confirming successful registration.
First Coast recommends that you register more than one MFA device. To register a second or third device, click on ‘Register Your Phone, Computer or Email’ and follow the steps one through 11 above through the confirmation step.
EIDM MFA Security Code confirmation page
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