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Last Modified: 3/10/2018 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A, Part B

SPOT: How do I submit cost reports to First Coast using SPOT?

SPOT Home Page
Part A provider groups including hospitals, nursing homes, skilled nursing homes, end-stage renal disease treatment facilities, federally-qualified health centers and rural health centers may file annual cost report information through First Coast Service Options’ (First Coast’s) Secure Online Provider Tool (SPOT).
Once you have logged into SPOT, to submit cost reports and other Provider Audit & Reimbursement (PARD) documents, click on the ‘Secure Messaging’ drop-down located on the top navigation.
From that drop-down menu, select ‘Submit e-Documentation Request.’
You may also access the cost report forms by clicking on ‘Select Form’ from the ‘Secure Messaging’ menu on the lower right window of the homepage.
From the ‘Select Secure Messaging Form’ drop-down menu, choose ‘Provider Audit & Reimbursement.’
Title: Select Secure Messaging Form - Description: screen print of SPOT menu option
Once the next screen has loaded, select the “Document Type” drop-down menu. This menu will present several form options:
Submit Cost Report Select this if you are filing a new report or amending a report currently in review, or one not yet settled.
Reopening - Select this option if you are updating or changing a cost report previously settled.)
Appeals - Select this option if submitting additional documentation in support of an appealed cost report.
SSI Realignment Request (DSH) - Select this option if you wish to request to have your SSI Ratio recomputed or realigned based on your cost reporting period for IPPS payment.
Provider-based determination – Select this option to request initial setup or change in a unit’s provider-based status.
Wage Index/Occupational Mix Submissions – Select this option to upload documentation for the yearly wage index and occupational mix audits
Desk Review/Audit Additional Documentation - Select this option if you wish to provide additional documentation related to a request for information or cost report audit.
Submit FOIA Request - Select this option to submit a Freedom of Information Act request for Medicare cost reports.
Submit PS&R Request - Select this option for Provider Statistics & Reimbursement reports (summary of paid claims for cost report)).
General Correspondence – Used more typically for correspondence related to a request for an interim rate change, a tentative settlement change, TEFRA exception request, SCH low volume request, a request for change in statistical basis, CMS tie-in notice, bankruptcy, or a 50-percent reduction request.
SPOT Cost Report selection
Select ‘Submit a Cost Report’ to file documents related to the most current fiscal year cost reports.
You will be asked if you are “submitting additional documentation for an existing Medicare cost report?
Select ‘Yes’ if the information you wish to submit is related to a cost report which has not been settled or finalized.
Otherwise select ‘No’ from the drop-down menu.

Filing a new cost report

If you selected ‘No’ for ‘Are you submitting additional documentation for an existing Medicare cost report?’ you may file a new cost report. You will be asked whether the cost reporting information you are about to submit is a low or no Medicare utilization cost report.” Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from the drop-down menu, then click ‘Next.’
OT Cost report submission form
You will then be presented with the ‘Cost Report Submission Form.’ Confirm your NPI, PTAN, location and fiscal period in which you wish to file your cost report documentation. If you are filing a cost report for your most recent fiscal year, you are required to upload your most recent electronic cost report (ECR) file and print image (PI) file. To upload the files, click the ‘Choose File’ button.
OT Cost report supporting documentation
You may upload more than one of your supporting documents at a time. Select ‘Add More Documentation’ to add other documents, then select the sub-document type. Options include:
Cover letter
Worksheet S with Signature
CMS 339 with Signature
Bad Debt listings
Financial documents
Protested items
PS&R Information
Wage Index
A-6 Class
A-8 Adjustments
DSH Information
Organ Acquisition
Para-Medical/Nursing School
Low-Volume ESRD Adjustments
CMS Tie-In Notice
Other Supporting Documentation
IRIS Files
If you have additional comments you would like to submit to the PARD reviewer, please enter them in the box below the documentation drop-down menu. Please note: the Worksheet S with an original signature that matches the ECR/PI files must still be submitted via hardcopy.
OT Cost report additional comments
Once you have selected all of the documents you wish to file with your cost report, please fill in the ‘Requester Name’ box. In addition to putting your signature in the box, the requestor must also check the box below the ‘electronic signature’ box certifying the information provided is true, accurate, and correct.
(Note: If the total size of uploaded files exceeds 200 MB; you will need to add additional documentation to this cost report with a separate submission. Complete the process by uploading your initial cost report files. Once you have submitted these documents to First Coast PARD and received your confirmation email, then begin the process again matching the fiscal year dates with your initial submission.)
SPOT cost report confirmation notice
Once you have completed the form and uploaded your file, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your documents. Please keep this receipt along with the confirmation number for tracking purposes.
More information about Provider Audits & Reimbursements, including PARD forms and frequently-asked questions regarding cost reports is available on the First Coast provider website.

Secure messaging status check

To review all secure messaging submissions via SPOT, including those related to cost reports, select the 'Check Status' in the 'Secure Messaging' drop-down.
SPOT cost report secure messaging page
In order to access confirmation messages via SPOT or to retrieve correspondence generated by Provider Audit & Reimbursement department (PARD), open the Messages screen by either selecting the ‘New Messages’ hyperlink at the top of screen or selecting ‘View Messages’ in ‘Secure Messaging’ drop-down box. A short description of the columns is noted below. The columns can be sorted if you click on the column headers of the table on screen.
First Coast Service Options (First Coast) strives to ensure that the information available on our provider website is accurate, detailed, and current. Therefore, this is a dynamic site and its content changes daily. It is best to access the site to ensure you have the most current information rather than printing articles or forms that may become obsolete without notice.