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Last Modified: 7/14/2020 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A, Part B

Accelerated and advance payment process FAQs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on April 26, 2020, that it suspended its Advance Payment Program to Part B providers/suppliers. Part A providers may continue to submit an Accelerated Payment Request Form. CMS had expanded these temporary loan programs to ensure providers and suppliers had the resources needed to combat the beginning stages of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Please see the questions below for requesting accelerated payments. To submit a request for an accelerated payment, please see Accelerated payment request for providers to obtain the form and submit using the Provider Enrollment Gateway.
Note: Emails regarding accelerated and advance payments will come from

Requesting accelerated and advance payments

Q1. I’m a Part A provider. How do I submit my request for an accelerated payment?
A1. First Coast is utilizing the Provider Enrollment Gateway to allow you to submit your accelerated payment request. The gateway allows for more efficient processing of your request. For details on how to submit your request, please view the Provider Enrollment Gateway help guide pdf file.
Q2. I’m a Part B provider. Can I submit an advance payment request?
A2. No. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on April 26, 2020, that it suspended its Advance Payment Program to Part B providers/suppliers. We are no longer accepting advance payment requests forms on or after April 26.
Q3. I’m a Part B provider. I submitted a request form that is still processing prior to the suspension of the Part B Advance Payment Program on April 26. Will my form still be processed?
A3. For Part B providers that have payment request forms pending prior to the suspension of this program, CMS is currently evaluating the requests. Once CMS makes a determination of the request, we'll notify you via email of the decision.
Q4. Can I submit one request form for multiple PTANs and NPIs?
A4. No, only one request form for each PTAN and NPI combination can be submitted. If you have more than one PTAN and NPI combination, submit a separate request form for each combination.
Q5. Can I submit more than one request form at the same time?
A5. Yes, you can submit up to 15 request forms in one submission. (Note: After you click Submit for a batch of requests, the Submit button will be temporarily disabled to prevent duplicate submissions of the same files. Please wait a moment and submit any subsequent request batches.)
Q6. Can I use PDF signature for signing the form?
A6. Yes, you may include a digital or handwritten signature on the accelerated and advance payment request form. Please note, the PDF digital signature functionality is only compatible on Internet Explorer. If you’re unable to digitally sign, please print out the completed form and sign it by hand.
Q7. I have not received the one-time access code via email that is required for submitting an accelerated payment request. What can I do to obtain this required code?
A7. The one-time access code is issued to the email provided. Please check to ensure the correct email is provided for the request. If the email does not populate in your inbox, check your spam folder. If the email is still not populated in your inbox or spam folder, please check with your IT department to determine if the email is being flagged or blocked by your organizations email security.

Payment distribution

Q8. How will I receive the payment?
A8. The payment will be issued using the same process currently established for you. If you have established electronic funds transfer (EFT), the payment will be issued to the bank we have on file.
Q9. Will I receive a remittance advice showing the issued payment?
A9. Yes, an associated remittance advice will also be distributed using the method on file (standard paper or electronic).

Checking status

Q10. How do I check the status of my accelerated payment request?
A10. Access the Provider Enrollment Gateway. After entering the NPI, state, and email, you must select Submit or Check Status of COVID-19 Accelerated Payment. Then select Check Status once you have accessed the COVID-19 Accelerated Payment Solution page. You will need to enter your submission ID. For more details and screen shots to assist you in checking the status, please view the COVID-19 Accelerated Pay Requests section in the Provider Enrollment Gateway help guide pdf file.

Recoupment process

Q11. When will repayment for the accelerated/advance payment begin?
A11. Repayment will begin 120 days after the date of payment issuance. For details specific to your provider or facility type, please review CMS’ Fact Sheet: Expansion of the Accelerated and Advance Payments Program for Providers and Suppliers during COVID-19 Emergency external pdf file.
Q12. Will I be allowed to repay the accelerated/advance payment as one lump sum as opposed to individual recoupments on remittance advices?
A12. Yes, you will be able to repay as one lump sum.
Q13. I have questions about the recoupment/repayment process. Can you provide more information?
A13. At this time, please refer to CMS’ Fact Sheet: Expansion of the Accelerated and Advance Payments Program for Providers and Suppliers during COVID-19 Emergency external pdf file. This document will be updated if additional information becomes available.
First Coast will communicate any changes to the provisions and waivers currently in place so stay tuned to eNews. For additional assistance, visit our dedicated coronavirus page.
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