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Last Modified: 6/25/2015 Location: FL, PR, USVI Business: Part A, Part B

PDS report FAQs

What is the PDS report?
The provider data summary (PDS) report is a comprehensive billing report that can be used to identify personal billing patterns in comparison with those of your peers. This report is designed to be utilized along with the currently available Medicare resources to enhance your Medicare experience. By identifying a potential issue in one month and taking action to prevent the issue in the future, you can create a more satisfying and efficient Medicare billing process.
Q: If I create a PDS profile or use First Coast Service Options’ PDS portal to run reports, will I be more likely to be selected for an audit?
A: The creation of a PDS profile or the use of First Coast’s PDS portal (e.g., running a report) will not increase your risk of being selected for an audit. The use of the PDS portal is not tracked by First Coast, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), or any other entity. The primary purpose of the PDS report is to furnish an additional tool for providers to increase their billing efficiency.
Q: How much does it cost to register for/download a PDS report?
A: The PDS report is free to providers.
Q: How do I establish my account and request a PDS report?
A: To request PDS reports from First Coast’s Medicare provider website, follow the instructions outlined in the PDS quick-start guide. To learn how to access PDS information from First Coast’s Secure Provider Online Tool (the SPOT), please refer to The SPOT: User Guide.
Q: How do I log in to my account?
A: Once on the provider website, navigate to the PDS Portal (Location: Billing & Coding>Billing>Tools to Improve Your Billing). From there, you will be given the option to login, get help with a misplaced password, or create an account.
Q: How do I change my email address/name/password/security question/security answer?
A: Once logged in to your account, select “Manage your Account”, update your information, and click “Update Account”.
Q: I’m logged in to my account. Where do I go to get my PDS report?
A: If you have previously pulled a PDS report under your account, select the “Manage your Profiles” link and then simply select the appropriate profile from the drop-down list to view a specific report. Otherwise, you will need to set up a profile within your account.
Q: I already set up an account to receive a PDS report. Why do I need a profile and what is it?
A: The account is what you will use to log in with your e-mail address and password that you established when you first set up your account. A profile is provider-specific based on the Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN), National Provider Identifier (NPI) and the last five digits of your tax identification number (TIN). For Part B providers who use their SSN rather than a TIN, please use the last five digits of your SSN in place of a TIN to create a profile. Your personalized PDS report is based on your profile(s) that you create in your account. For individuals, such as consultants, who work with multiple providers, you can create up to five separate profiles (PTAN, NPI, and TIN or SSN combinations).
Q: I’m logged in to my account. How do I set up my profile for my PDS report(s)?
A: First, select the “Manage your Profiles” link. Then click “Add Profile” and complete the requested information: Profile Name, NPI, PTAN, and the last five digits of the TIN (or SSN). When complete, click “submit”. Note: You can designate any profile name you like -- for example, Dr. Smith’s Practice.
Q: I’m getting a message that says, “NPI PTAN TIN or SSN Combination Invalid” when trying to add a profile. What does this mean?
A: In order to add a profile for a PDS report, you must have a valid NPI, PTAN, and TIN or SSN combination. Carefully check the numbers to be sure that you have entered them correctly. If needed, you can check your Medicare Remittance Notices to verify this information.
Your PDS profile should be based upon how your organization bills Medicare. Organizations that bill Medicare as an entity should enter the group, professional association, or corporation’s NPI/PTAN/TIN for that organization. However, if a provider bills Medicare under his own personal SSN/TIN, then the individual practitioner’s provider-specific information should be used in the profile. If your organization bills Medicare as an organization, data for individual providers will not be available.
Q: I’m moving right along. I’ve set up my account, created a profile, and I’m logged in to my account. How do I get my PDS report?
A: From the main reporting page, select the “Run a PDS Report” link. Select the profile, report type, applicable month(s), and number of message codes and adjusted procedures to display. Then click “Run Report.” You then have the option to print the PDS by clicking “Print”. Note: Due to the amount of data involved, it may be best to print the report in “Landscape” format within your printer settings.
Q: I am logged in to my account. How do I change a profile name?
A: From the main reporting page, select the “Manage your Profiles” link. Then select the applicable profile from the drop-down list and click “Edit Profile.”
Q: I am logged in to my account. How do I delete a profile that I no longer need?
From the main reporting page, select the “Manage your Profiles” link. Then select the applicable profile from the drop-down list and click “Delete Profile”. The profile information will be displayed on the screen. Click “Delete?” to confirm deletion of the profile.
A: I lost my password. How can I get into my account now?
From the login page on the website, select the “Forgot your password?” link. Enter your e-mail address and click “Submit.” You will then be required to answer your security question, and your hint will be given to assist you. In addition, you will need to provide a new password for your account. If acceptable, you will then be able to log in to your account. If you would rather have a new password sent to your e-mail address on file, simply select the “Send a new password to your e-mail address?” link and you will receive an automated e-mail shortly being prompted to go back to the login page. Note: Your e-mail address on file will be notified each time a password update is made.
Q: How long does it take to generate my PDS report once I click “Run Report?”
A: Most providers will be able to see their PDS report within 10 seconds of requesting it. However, providers that have higher billing volumes, such as large laboratories, may take up to three minutes. If you have not received your PDS report after three minutes, please try your request at another time.
Q: How often/when can I get a PDS report?
A: Once your account is finalized, you can get as many PDS reports as you would like for the available months listed. The portal will contain the most recent six months of data available at one time. You can get PDS reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Q: What are the technical requirements to download PDS reports?
A: If you are able to read articles on our provider website, you already have the requirements needed to run your PDS report.
Q: I work for a Part B provider practice. Can I get PDS reports for the group and the individual providers within it?
A: PDS reports are generated by the group or billing NPI number to mirror the remittance advice notices detailing individual claims processed. If an individual provider NPI/PTAN/TIN or SSN is entered on the profile page, an error message will appear advising that an invalid combination has been entered.
Q: I verified that the NPI/PTAN/TIN or SSN combination is correct. Why am I still getting an error message in the portal stating that it’s invalid?
A: If you are a Part B provider, PDS reports are only available for the group/billing/pay-to provider NPI/PTAN/TIN or SSN combination. Individual group members will not be able to pull their own PDS reports within the group. Additionally, if you are a Part A or Part B provider with multiple NPIs to one PTAN, you would not be able to run a report. You would need to submit the appropriate 855 forms to provider enrollment to create a one-to-one match for each NPI and PTAN in order to pull a PDS report successfully.
Q: Will the PDS portal save the PDS reports that I request?
A: The PDS portal will not save any PDS reports that are requested. However, you can pull a specific report as many times as necessary during that data’s availability. Monthly data will remain on the portal for a rolling six-month timeframe. For example, January data will no longer be available once the July data is released on the portal.
Q: When I go to the login page of the PDS portal, I get a message stating that routine maintenance is occurring. What does this mean?
A: In order to keep the portal up to date, we must perform routine maintenance from time to time. The maintenance is only temporary and will vary in time depending on the amount of data involved. The pop-up will advise which line of business (Part A, Part B, or both) is affected. Providers outside of the affected line of business will still be given the opportunity to login to their accounts and run PDS reports regularly. An article will be posted on the provider website and distributed via the eNews listserv once the maintenance is complete, and the message will no longer appear on the login page. We appreciate your understanding during these times of occasional maintenance.
Q: How do I obtain a PDS report if I have multiple PTANs under one NPI number?
A: If you have more than one PTAN associated with the same NPI and try to run your PDS Report, the following message will appear:
Multiple PTANs on this NPI require you to choose one
A: Use the drop-down menu (located next to the message) to select the applicable PTAN.

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